Gaëlle Leenhardt

(France, °1987)

to dig
transitive verb
1. a : to break up, turn, or loosen (as earth) with an implement
b : to prepare the soil of <dig a garden>
2. a : to bring to the surface by digging : unearth <dig potatoes>
b : to bring to light or out of hiding <dig up facts>
3. : to hollow out or form by removing earth : excavate <dig a hole>
4 : to drive down so as to penetrate : thrust

Dig is the verb that epitomises my practice in the most concise way.

Moving and manipulating what lies shapeless in the soil, I seek to bring to sight the hidden, and thus reveal its traces. I use this buried matter which holds record of the past to reconstruct certain narratives.
The materials I use also have there own importance, usually related to the field of construction (concrete, plaster, lime…). More precisely, those materials go through different stages, and I am interested in what they become…


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